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FIVE GUYS Hot Dog US$4 is worse than Costco’s Polish Dog US$1.5

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

A few nights ago, I went to FIVE GUYS at Sunnyvale, CA, and ordered a Cheese Dog for $4. I only asked for sides like the grilled onions, mushrooms, mustard, pickles, and etc. After a while, my order is ready. The dog was wrapped in an aluminium foil. When I open the wrap, I could see a whole bunch of sides mixed up together, I could barely see the hot dog sausage itself. I thought I just order a dish of spaghetti with ketchup, grilled onions, mushrooms..etc, but only to find it wrapped inside the aluminium foil. It was disgusting! But, fine, I will eat it anyway. I find no cheese on the dog for which I did ordered a cheese dog, then, I find ketchup which I did not request for. The hot dog bun has been dissolved, and it can on longer hold the hot dog itself. I am very disappointed since Costco’s $1.5 Polish Dog taste and feel better than FIVE GUYS’s $4 dog. Last time, I had their burger, but only find the same problem. The burger bun turns into liquid.

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