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Rose Market (Mountain View, CA) Tandoori Chicken and Sapporo Beer

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Today, I had Rose Market (Mountain View, CA)’s Tandoori BBQ chicken (US$5.45) and a can of Sapporo beer for lunch. It’s the best combination. Almost any BBQ food can pair with any good beer. I chose Sapporo beer since it has a better taste (personal preference) than most other beer.

The Rose Market Tandoori chicken never disappoints me since 2007. It is always fresh, tender, and juicy. The marinated sauce is the best in Bay Area. It is also better than most Indian restaurant’s Tandoori chicken. It does not have the scary orange-red color that you find on most other Indian buffet restaurants. Moreover, Rose Market also makes great lamb and beef dishes.
Compare Rose Market’s Tandoori chicken with KFC, El Pollo Loco, each restaurant has their unique taste, and no one is better than another. If you like real BBQ chicken, you get it from Rose Market. If you like grilled chicken, you get it from El Pollo Loco, and as for the fried chicken, you visit KFC. It really depends on what you like, your preference, and your mood.

So, back to the Rose Market Tandoori chicken, or for most of their BBQ food, they are always over burned with many darkly burned skin. That’s what I dislike the most. If they can management to eliminate burned skin, I will give them an A+ grade. Now, I can only give A-.

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Has Maru Ichi (Mountain View, CA) changed its ownership and taste ?

Friday, June 24th, 2011

What happen with Maru Ichi at Mountain View, CA ?

The people who work there are no longer friendly and quick.

The noodle taste different, as someone in Yelp says, it taste like spaghetti ??!!
The Kuro ramen I ordered no longer taste like before, it’s weaker, and it has been diluted like my stock option at work.

Then, I no longer see Japanese workers, and could hear some non-Japanese language, but not the Chinese language. It’s some other Asian languages.
It seems like there has been a change in ownership, and as well as its ramen taste. Fine, you don’t have to be Japanese to cook Japanese ramen well, but the services are bad, no more friendly smiles like before….

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Shanghai Bistro (Millbrae, CA) is surprisingly good

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Last Sunday’s Father’s Day, my friend and his wife, and my family had dinner at the Shanghai Bistro of Millbrae, CA. When we arrive the parking lot outside the restaurant, I could only see 20% of occupancy. Perhaps, it was 8:30 PM on Sunday night, but I was worried about the food quality.

We ordered Dong Po Pork (US$10.5), Fish Head Casserole (red) (US$14.5), and many other dishes. So, back to the “Dong Po Pork”, its level of sweetness and sourness are very acceptable, and reasonable. The skin is soft but it remains the tenderness. I don’t usually dine at the Shanghai restaurant, so I cannot really compare it with other restaurants. But, one thing for sure is that I will re-visit this restaurant. Then, the soup is surprisingly good. I always expect any fish soup is in white color, but for this fish soup, as the owner commented, it has spice, and it taste spicy, so it is in brown color. The soup is not fishy, and it taste like pork bone soup. I think we can take this soup base to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and use it for pot. It will be great!

Visit there main website here.

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Orenchi Ramen, Santa Clara, CA

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I visited Orenchi Ramen two (2) times. The first time, it was on Thursday afternoon, and we only waited for 10 minutes. As for the second time, it was on Saturday afternoon around 5 PM, we waited for 45 minutes.

Back to the ramen, for the first time, I had the Orenchi ramen. I give a grade between B to B+. The soup is kind of fatty, I could see small pieces of white fat floating around the bowl. For the ramen (noodle) itself, it is very thick, strong, just cooked in time, and full of elasticity. Compare to Kuro Ramen at Maru Ichi, it is stronger. The taste really depends on you, and it is not better than one another. You have to try, and taste it yourself.

As for the second time, we had the Karaage (fried chicken), and the Maze Soba. Karaage is like KFC without too much spices (or, MSG). I could taste the freshness of the chicken. Compare to KFC, you may think the Karaage has no taste at all. Then, for the Maze Soba, it is like Zaru Soba, but the soup (or, soba sauce) in Maze Soba is way salter than the Zaru Soba. The sauce has little pieces of fat, and pork. One must be three times faster while dipping the Maze Soba sauce compare to the Zaru Soba sauce since it is saltier, five times salter, if you are too slow, you will end up taking a lot of salty sauce into your stomach, and you will have to drink a lot of iced water to dilute the sauce. The waitress also mentioned that I could add more hot water into the sauce after I finish the soba, and treat that as soup. Well, I think it’s too salty for me, so I did not bother to add hot water into the sauce at the end.

In general, the wait was too long during weekend especially at 5 PM. But, I like this ramen restaurant since it has a different style than Ramen Halu, Maru Ichi, or Santouka (inside Mitsuwa market).

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Food or Product which contains DEHP (or DOP)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Food or Product which contains DEHP (or DOP)

Food or Product which contains DEHP

Visit this website for the details of DEHP.

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Starbucks’ “Quiet Study Room” in Santa Clara, CA

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The Quiet Study Room at this Starbucks in Santa Clara is great and quiet ! I always wanted this kind of work place in a coffee shop. By the way, beside this Starbucks coffee shop, there is an okay quiet study open room at Cupertino, CA’s Coffee Society which is quiet for most of the time except on Friday nights where the shop allows live music performance. I go to this Starbucks today since I have a “FREE DRINK COUPON” from Starbucks because I have reached certain Starbucks points as a Gold Card Starbucks member.

A great work place in a coffee shop has the following criteria, and I believe most of us will agree that:

  • Free Wi-Fi and acceptable speed
  • Many many power plugs reachable
  • Quiet (or, acceptable sound level)
  • Table is large enough to hold the computer notebook and its mouse
  • Enough tables and chairs

This Santa Clara Starbuck’s Quiet Study Room has 11 tables, 16 chairs, and a long bench chair which can seat up to 8 person. The Cupertino’s Coffee Society has about the same, but less quiet than this Santa Clara Starbucks. Both coffee shops has all of the above criteria. In today’s coffee shop business, having great coffee is not enough to attract customers. Having satisfy all these criteria will almost guarantee a high customer satisfaction, and to run it profitably, one has to provide high quality of coffee, snacks, desserts, well-trained employees, and to master the cost control.

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Carl’s Jr’ original chicken salad

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

One Sunday when I was working overtime at the office, I had one Carl’s Jr’ original chicken salad for lunch, and one for dinner. It was delicious, and that’s why I had two. I eat salad for health reasons. I do love meat ! So, back to the salad itself, it cost about US$5.50 with tax. Compare this with Costco’s chicken salad at US$3.99, the Carl’s Jr chicken is warm while Costco’s chicken is cold. It’s not great during a cold winter. However, Costco’s salad has larger portion in terms of both chicken and vegetables.

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