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Sushi at Cupertino’s Whole Foods Market by Kikka

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

I almost never had the sushi at any of the non-Japanese supermarkets including Costco, Safeway, Lucky, Whole Foods, and etc. I always think those sushi are made by unskilled chef who had little training and who does not treat sushi making like an art. For most of the time, I visited Marukai, Mitsuwa, and Nijiya.

Recently, I discovered a Japanese sushi chef at the Cupertino’s Whole Foods Market’s Kikka. I then purchased a box of Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll for USD$8, and tried. Surprisingly, their sushi is better than those Japanese markets. Not sure if it was because of their price differences where most Japanese markets would be 30% less (USD$5 – 6) than what Whole Foods charge. The Salmon and Avocado are fresh and soft. Not like those sushi in the refrigerator which are not fresh and hard after being stored for 8 hours or more. The chef at Whole Foods Kikka also recommends that I could order it, and he would make it right away. For the first three times I went there, I did not order it, I just picked it up from their refrigerator. Their sushi were fresh and taste great for all three times. So, last week, I finally decided to order it, and the outcome was even better. More freshness in the sushi.

A lot of time when I have sushi, I care about the type of ginger they use. I hate those red colored ginger. It’s artificially colored, and it taste spicy. I cannot accept those. I like the white ginger only.

Anyway, let me rank the market in order from very good to bad:

  1. Kikka at Whole Foods Market (Cupertino, CA store only since I have not tried other Whole Foods’s sushi) (Grade: B+)
  2. Nijiya (Mountain View, CA store)(Grade: B)
  3. Marukai (Cupertino, CA store)(Grade: C)
  4. Mitsuwa (Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA)(Grade: C-)

If you want A grade sushi with a reasonable price, go to:

  1. Sushi On The Run, Los Gatos, CA – call them before you go, expect a long wait time since there are only 8 seats at the sushi bar, average USD$35/person

Otherwise, go to a more expensive ones:

  1. Tomi Sushi – average USD$50/person
  2. Sushi Tomi

Otherwise, go to any sushi restaurants at your choose if you have no expectations.

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Treat Ice Cream: Best Mango Ice Cream with real mangos from Philippine

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

For the past 15 years, I have been having this Mango ice cream from the Treat Ice Cream factory in Downtown San Jose, CA. It is only USD$5.50 for 1.75 Qt (a little bit less than half gallon). This is the only Mango ice-cream that I have found so far made with real mango, and the mangoes are imported from Philippine. You could found small to medium pieces of mango in the ice cream.

This factory only opens from Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM to 4 PM. Don’t use their online order form if you are just buying one or two boxes. Visit the factory in person.
Also, please call them and check for the availability! For a full time working person like most of us, it is difficult to visit there. And, not all the supermarkets carry this brand. Most of them carry Polly Am which has no real mango inside.

So far, I know only two supermarkets which “may” carry the Mango ice-cream, and it will be around $8-$10. They are Lunardi’s , and Sun’s Market (of Millbrae, CA).

The Treat Mango ice-cream at Lunardi’s will be in the box printed under Lunardi’s brand but it is the same as Treat. Please call them and check for the availability!

Treat Mango Ice Cream

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Starbucks breakfast sandwich promotion – only USD$2

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Can you imagine for most mornings, I spend at least USD$6.50 at Starbucks in the morning ? Or, USD$50 per week at Starbucks ?
I like to order my 200 degrees hot Grande Latte, and one of the breakfast sandwich (sausage breakfast sandwich at around USD$3)

Now, Starbucks has a breakfast sandwich promotion at only USD$2.00 !!!! when you purchase a handcrafted beverage.
The promotion is between Oct 4th to Oct 10th, 2011, and here are the details:

“Fall back into a great morning groove with breakfast at Starbucks. From October 4 – 10 you can enjoy any delicious, handmade StarbucksĀ® breakfast sandwich or wrap for only $2* when you buy any handcrafted beverage….”

Even at its regular price of USD$3, it is just 30 or 40 cents above MacDonald’s breakfast sandwich. However, Starbucks sandwich has way better quality and taste than MacDonald’s. Plus, its staffs are a lot smarter and prettier !

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