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Pho Ba Dau on Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Today, I had lunch at Pho Ba Dau on Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA. Originally, I was going to lunch at my favorite pho restaurant, Pho #54, which is also on Alum Rock Ave. Then, my coworker request to try this place since the Yelp review has 3.5 stars.
I ordered the Tai pho which is the raw beef over pho. First of all, I give an A grade for the beef. It looks so fresh and soft. Their beef (Tai) is actually better than Pho #54 by one grade. Their soup base has less flavor than Pho #54. It is lighter and with less taste. But, after you put the raw beef into the soup base, and after you are done with all the beef and pho, the soup become tastier with beef flavor. Their pho is as good as Pho #54. I will definitely come back for the pho. This restaurant also makes western style food such as burger, fries, and steaks. I will go there and try their steak next time.

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Misoya ramen at Santa Clara, CA

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I tried the Cha-Shu ramen at Misoya last night. I would give an A grade for the look and decoration of the ramen. It was beautiful ! However, however, the soup is too salty, and with too much garlic taste in it. I believe the garlic really kill the taste of the soup base. I feel like I am in Gilroy, CA’s garlic festival or something. Then, I was not impressed for the noodle. It feels like one of those USD$4 or $5 ramen from a Japanese supermarket. Yeah, USD$4 or $5 ramen from any supermarket is not cheap, and it is supposed to be high quality. But, we can speaking of ramen at a restaurant which is not cool. As for the Cha-Shu, it taste like dead meat. It is not as tender as those at Santouka. However, I do believe the chef did spent a lot of time and love to cook the ramen. I could feel that.

This restaurant reminds me of the Korean car, Hyundai, during the 90s. It will have a long way to go to compete with Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Misoya is like the Hyundai 20 years ago, it needs to do more research and development, and re-design its recipe in order to compete with Orenchi (across the street), Santouka and Haru Ramen.

Misoya Cha Shu Ramen

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