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Salmon can be easily prepared under 30 minutes

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

A quick way to cook salmon is to bake it after putting salt, garlic onion salt, white pepper, butter, and whatever seasonings you like on the top. Then, put it inside a medium sized oven and bake it at 400F-450F for 15 minutes up to 25 minutes; depends on how well you like it cooked. Then, it’s done, easy!

If you are going to consume the next day, you might want to just bake it for 15 minutes (semi-cooked), and re-heat the next day between 2-3 minutes along with your rice or noodle.

Salmon from Costco



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Chinese Immigrants in Bodie California during Gold Rush (1859 – 1890)

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

During the period of 1859 – 1890, there were a few hundreds of Chinese Immigrants in Bodie, CA. Most of them were mine workers in the early days, but soon be excluded from the mines. Some of them then became “laundrymen, cooks, kitchen helpers, laborers, peddlers, servants, store keepers, wood haulers, teamsters, dish washers, a waiter, a druggist, a restaurant owner, a lodging house owner…”

Mining Company:

Items left by the Chinese are becoming antiques now ……

Chinese residents:


The road from Bodie CA to Mono Lake CA:



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Organic Dried Apricots from Costco

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

This organic dried apricot from Costco is like those chocolates from Ferrero Rocher.

Once you open it, you cannot stop eating! The biggest difference is that you feel less guilty compare to the chocolates. It should be much healthier… It’s about US$18/bag at Costco, and I highly recommend it.

Nutrition Facts:



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K & C Food Wholesale (Kumamoto oysters, clams, sea urchin) – CASH ONLY

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

My neighbor recommended K & C Food Wholesale to me a few months ago. He said their oysters taste as good as those from Hog Island Oyster Company. So, I give it a try, and bought 60 Kumamoto oysters US$80, a small box of sea urchin (Uni) US$25, and 3 pounds of clams ($5/lb). Guess what, I gave 30 oysters and one pound of clams to a friend, and I finish all 30 oysters, 2 pounds of clams, and that small small box of sea urchin all by myself in 2 days. I don’t have to explain more… They are very good and fresh!!!  But, remember, they take CASH ONLY !!!!


Kumamoto Oyster from Taylor Shellfish Farm, Washington State. Comparing K & C Food Wholesale oysters with Hog Island, it is not as fresh as those from Hog Island, but its freshness is very acceptable. You save time (4-5 hours from San Jose) and gas (120 miles from San Jose) money if you buy from K & C Food Wholesale. So, I still highly recommend K & C Food Wholesale!






Chinese style pan fried clams with soy sauce and vegetables. Clams ($5/lb) here are $1 cheaper than Hog Island ($6/lb).


Small box of Sea Urchin (Uni) – $25 per small box. Very fresh and tasty. Highly recommended!




K & C Food Wholesale, Downtown San Jose, CA



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