New Port Restaurant – chicken taste like imitated meat !

Last Saturday, I had lunch with my parents at New Port Restaurant. After waited for 45 minutes, we finally got seated. This is the second time at this restaurant. Last time, I had dinner and their food was fine, say, B or B+ grade. This second time during dim sum lunch time, we ordered a few dim sum, and they are just average, but worse than HK Saigon Seafood Restaurant. For example, the egg tart pastry should have baked with multiple layers like how HK Saigon does. Only multiple layer has the feel of good pastry. When you bite onto it, you can feel that your teeth is attacking each layer of the finely baked pastry, and into the warm and sweet egg. BTW, Golden Gate Bakery also has great egg tart. But, at New Port, there is no layers! I feel like you are biting on one layer of egg and pastry powder. That’s fine. The thing that pissed me off the most is their chicken (half chicken for $10) – my favorite dish at Cooking Papa (half chicken for $9.50). After my first bite on one piece of chicken, I can feel that chicken is made of imitated meat, mummified meat (yack!), cotton, no tenderness, no taste, texture like a stack of A4 plain paper with nothing written on it, like drinking water with no salt. Even with soy sauce, still, you can only taste the soy sauce. The chicken taste has been hide somewhere. The chicken looks more yellow than the one on their photo. Was that color Yellow #5 ? Anyway, I might never go back for those chicken.

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