Shanghai Bistro (Millbrae, CA) is surprisingly good

Last Sunday’s Father’s Day, my friend and his wife, and my family had dinner at the Shanghai Bistro of Millbrae, CA. When we arrive the parking lot outside the restaurant, I could only see 20% of occupancy. Perhaps, it was 8:30 PM on Sunday night, but I was worried about the food quality.

We ordered Dong Po Pork (US$10.5), Fish Head Casserole (red) (US$14.5), and many other dishes. So, back to the “Dong Po Pork”, its level of sweetness and sourness are very acceptable, and reasonable. The skin is soft but it remains the tenderness. I don’t usually dine at the Shanghai restaurant, so I cannot really compare it with other restaurants. But, one thing for sure is that I will re-visit this restaurant. Then, the soup is surprisingly good. I always expect any fish soup is in white color, but for this fish soup, as the owner commented, it has spice, and it taste spicy, so it is in brown color. The soup is not fishy, and it taste like pork bone soup. I think we can take this soup base to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and use it for pot. It will be great!

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