Shanghai Dim Sum (Cupertino, CA)

Last Saturday (June 25, 2011), my friend and his family had dinner with my family at the Shanghai Dim Sum restaurant in Cupertino, CA. This was our first time at this restaurant, and I am not familiar with Shanghai food, but I can definitely compare their food quality with other restaurant. We ordered a plate of stir fried noodle with chicken and vegetables, seafood soup, and something else that I could not remember. All I remember is that I will not go back again. Compare this restaurant with Shanghai Bistro in Millbrae, CA, this restaurant in Cupertino needs a change in their cooking skills. I give a D- grade for the stir fried noodle itself. The noodle seems to be overly cooked in the boiled water, and for a long long time. The noodle becomes very weak, but the chef is able to stir fried
the noodle before it is totally broken into pieces. Then, the chef puts a lot of oil to stir fried it. I can say that the chef was either missed the MSG, or attempted to lower the saltiness of the noodle. However, the chef was not trying to cook healthily as I could see a lot of oil being used. At this moment, for one thing that I am sure of is that even Panda Express has better stir fried noodles ! I give Panda Express stir fried noodle a B grade. Then, here comes the soup that we ordered, I was very disappointed. I feel like I could make this soup myself at home. The soup, I forgot the dish name, but it has seafood in it. I was expecting the same kind of soup from Shanghai Bistro (Millbrae, CA), but I was wrong, of course. If the seafood, especially the shrimp, is not fresh, I will throw up, and yes, I had to drink a lot of iced water preventing myself from throwing up.

Oh, I just remember why we have to dine at this restaurant, we saw a poster outside this restaurant which has special deal which is 3 dinner items for US$21, so we decided to try these 3 items. Then, the restaurant told us that
those special deals are only for to go. But, the poster outside did not mention that. Are they trying to lure the customer into the restaurant with this special deal which does not exist ?

One thing good about them is that they have very friendly waiter and waitress. This restaurant has been there for 7 months since the beginning of this year 2011. I wish they could improve their food, otherwise, they will have a hard time to continue….

My overall experience of their food feels like I had a few dishes of re-heated left over Chinese food from another C grade restaurant. I give a D grade for re-heated C grade food !

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