Specialty’s (San Jose, CA) spinach, berry & goat cheese salad

Yesterday, I had a salad for lunch at Specialty’s. I first ordered online at their website, paid with my credit card (around USD $9), select to have the salad to be made at the San Jose North First St (-x- Trimble Rd) store, and request to have it done ASAP (or, less than 15 minutes). It’s a good idea to print the payment and order confirmation page, and bring it with you.

When I get there, I looked for the shelf where prepared online orders will be placed. So, I ordered this Spinach, berry & goat cheese salad. Here is their description of this item: “Fresh goat cheese, seasonal berries and candied walnuts on a bed of fresh spinach. raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing…”. First of all, I love spinach and goat cheese. I always think they are the best combination. It would have been different it the spinach were to be paired up with other cheeses with a harder structure like the Swiss cheese. Unlike the others, the goat cheese is soft, creamy, and tasty. The soft structure of the goat cheese really went well with the soft spinach. Then, here comes the strawberry, and their special “raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing”. I am not a fan of raspberry, but the raspberry salad dressing was not bad. It was not too sweet, and it does not taste like the cherry flavor of Robitussin. By the way, many candies or food with cherry or raspberry flavor ended up tasting like Robitussin. I hate that! This raspberry salad dressing does not taste like that, so I don’t hate it. This Specialty’s salad also comes with a small piece of thyme focaccia bread which looks like their Mediterranean sandwich. It’s important to have this bread in the salad, otherwise, I will get hungry within 2 hours. With that, I got hungry after 5 hours.

Compare this salad with Carl’s Jr’s Cranberry Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken salad (USD $5, price varies from stores, this is the store on North First Street x- Trimble, San Jose, CA), this Specialty’s salad is two times more expensive, but it’s ingredient have been carefully selected and prepared. I could taste the freshness of the spinach, strawberry, and walnut. The walnut is not as sweet as those in Carl’s Jr. If you have diabetes, you should avoid those. This Carl’s Jr also comes with a similar salad dressing, the color is a lot lighter, and it looks pink. And, it has a weaker berry taste. However, it does not taste like Robitussin which is great!

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