Kumako Ramen (Japantown, San Jose, CA) – a huge DISappointment

I came here for lunch yesterday (Aug 1st, 2011), and it was my first time here and also my last time. I ordered a Shio Ramen (salt based soup with ramen). First of all, from the texture of the ramen, it looks like instant noodle for which was curly hair like. I wish they could have their own home made ramen. Then, here comes the soup base, a Shio soup base, it’s way too light, not salty at all ! Taste like a bowl of water plus half teaspoon of salt. The color is very light brown. If they could run a ramen business like this, I could do the same. Just go get some instant ramen from a Japanese market, and boil it, and serve it. There is no innovation, no secret recipes passed down from generations to generations, no skills of cooking, and no culinary art. It’s a shame to serve that quality of ramen to anyone!

I have been to many other ramen places like Orenchi Ramen, Ramen Halu, and Santouka. If I give them an A- grade, Kumako Ramen has a C- grade. I would give a failing grade to a restaurant if it has a C+ or worse (C+, C, C-, D).

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