Roy’s Station Coffee and Teas (Japantown, San Jose, CA)

Last Monday (Aug 1st, 2011), after having some bad ramen at Japantown, San Jose, CA, I decided to walk over to the next block for a great cup of Latte at the Roy’s Station. First of all, this Roy’s Station seemed to be a gas station a long time back, and the owner converted in into a coffee station. This is my 3rd time at Roy’s Station. I also ordered the same thing, Latte (16 oz at USD$3.4). There is only one size with two shots of espresso. To compare this Latte, it is way LESS milker than Starbucks’s Grande Latte (by default, comes with two shots of espresso), and about the same as Peet’s. This Roy’s Station Latte has a complex taste structure, but it has a well-balanced mixture of milk and espresso. The top portion of the Latte is less darker than Peet’s, but way browner than Starbucks (by the way, Starbucks’s Latte is white at the top portion). This well-balanced Roy’s Latte taste less stronger than Peet’s but it’s coffee taste has been consistent, and you could still get the same well-balanced taste even towards the last drop. On the other hand, Starbucks Latte is different. It first started to taste like milk, and the more you drink towards the last drop, the more the coffee taste. Peet’s Latte is “kind of” the opposite, at the last drop it taste weaker than the very first drop. I believe their process of making Lattes are different. I know for sure that at Starbucks, they put the espresso first, and than the heated milk. Anyway, Roy’s Station Latte has an A grade from me. Every drop of their coffee is finely made with their heart.

By the way, Roy’s Station does have WiFi internet access, but their closest parking spaces are metered parking from 9 AM to 6 PM. It’s about USD$1 per hour. Make sure you have enough quarters for the meter.

I will definitely go back there at Roy’s Station again and again to figure out their complex taste.

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