Three Flames Restaurant, San Jose, CA

About two weekends ago on a Saturday night, we had dinner at the Three Flames Restaurant on Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA. We ordered two dishes of appetizers: Fried Calamari (US$9.95) and Fried Oysters (US$6.95). Then, as for the main course, we ordered the New York Pepper Steak (US$22.95), and Angel Hair Pomodori (US$12.95).

So, first of all, I was impressed about the overall decoration of the restaurant as you can see from the photos of their website, it is upscale and clean. However, I was very disappointed at their Fried Calamari and Fried Oyster. Their technique or their fry oil was not good. Compare their fried calamari with Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Santanna Row, San Jose, CA (I give an A grade), or the Marin Brewing Company at Larkspur, CA (about 16 miles north of San Francisco, CA on Hwy 101, where I give an A+ grade),
the Fried Calamari at Three Flames Restaurant has a C- grade. Then, for the Fried Oyster, I think it’s a ripped off. I expect more from that plate, but I will give a B- grade (or, C+). My wife does not like the Angel Hair, and she said Maggiano’s has better. Finally, the New York Pepper Steak, I have an A grade for the sauce (seasoning), but as for the steak itself, compare to the New York Steak from supermarket like the already-closed PW Market, this steak is not as fresh as what I used to be able to find from the PW Market. I even find a gray portion on the edge of the steak which suggests that the steak had been defrosted in a microwave. Yike !!!! So, although the sauce was good, the steak was not as good. Overall, I have a B- grade for the New York Peppered Steak.

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