Starbucks breakfast sandwich promotion – only USD$2

Can you imagine for most mornings, I spend at least USD$6.50 at Starbucks in the morning ? Or, USD$50 per week at Starbucks ?
I like to order my 200 degrees hot Grande Latte, and one of the breakfast sandwich (sausage breakfast sandwich at around USD$3)

Now, Starbucks has a breakfast sandwich promotion at only USD$2.00 !!!! when you purchase a handcrafted beverage.
The promotion is between Oct 4th to Oct 10th, 2011, and here are the details:

“Fall back into a great morning groove with breakfast at Starbucks. From October 4 – 10 you can enjoy any delicious, handmade StarbucksĀ® breakfast sandwich or wrap for only $2* when you buy any handcrafted beverage….”

Even at its regular price of USD$3, it is just 30 or 40 cents above MacDonald’s breakfast sandwich. However, Starbucks sandwich has way better quality and taste than MacDonald’s. Plus, its staffs are a lot smarter and prettier !

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