Treat Ice Cream: Best Mango Ice Cream with real mangos from Philippine

For the past 15 years, I have been having this Mango ice cream from the Treat Ice Cream factory in Downtown San Jose, CA. It is only USD$5.50 for 1.75 Qt (a little bit less than half gallon). This is the only Mango ice-cream that I have found so far made with real mango, and the mangoes are imported from Philippine. You could found small to medium pieces of mango in the ice cream.

This factory only opens from Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM to 4 PM. Don’t use their online order form if you are just buying one or two boxes. Visit the factory in person.
Also, please call them and check for the availability! For a full time working person like most of us, it is difficult to visit there. And, not all the supermarkets carry this brand. Most of them carry Polly Am which has no real mango inside.

So far, I know only two supermarkets which “may” carry the Mango ice-cream, and it will be around $8-$10. They are Lunardi’s , and Sun’s Market (of Millbrae, CA).

The Treat Mango ice-cream at Lunardi’s will be in the box printed under Lunardi’s brand but it is the same as Treat. Please call them and check for the availability!

Treat Mango Ice Cream

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