Curry Fried Pork over Rice (Katsudon) in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Curry Fried Pork over Rice (Katsudon) near Sapporo JR station, Hokkaido, Japan.

While we were staying at Sapporo Aspen Hotel, we spotted a restaurant across the street from our hotel room.

Restaurant across from Sapporo Aspen Hotel

So, we went there for lunch on the next day.


(Curry Katsudon over Rice)

BBQ meat and seafood

(BBQ meat and seafood stick)

We also find similar BBQ stick from a nearby (1.5 miles away) supermarket behind theĀ Sapporo beer museum (below).

BBQ sticks at a nearby supermarket behind Sapporo beer museum

We only had the curry katsudon over rice. My comment on the katsu is that it was crispy, tender, and juicy. To compare the curry sauce with House Food, it is less sour and less sweet. Perhaps, House Food curry has more lemon juice and sugar.

Anyway, the katsudon is only 600 YEN (US$6.00) which is a great lunch only deal. As for dinner, only the BBQ sticks are available. During night time, most customers are there for the beer and BBQ sticks. They sat there with friends, and chat for a long time. The downside there are many people smoking in the restaurant which is usual in Japan everywhere.

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