Sushi at Cupertino’s Whole Foods Market by Kikka

I almost never had the sushi at any of the non-Japanese supermarkets including Costco, Safeway, Lucky, Whole Foods, and etc. I always think those sushi are made by unskilled chef who had little training and who does not treat sushi making like an art. For most of the time, I visited Marukai, Mitsuwa, and Nijiya.

Recently, I discovered a Japanese sushi chef at the Cupertino’s Whole Foods Market’s Kikka. I then purchased a box of Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll for USD$8, and tried. Surprisingly, their sushi is better than those Japanese markets. Not sure if it was because of their price differences where most Japanese markets would be 30% less (USD$5 – 6) than what Whole Foods charge. The Salmon and Avocado are fresh and soft. Not like those sushi in the refrigerator which are not fresh and hard after being stored for 8 hours or more. The chef at Whole Foods Kikka also recommends that I could order it, and he would make it right away. For the first three times I went there, I did not order it, I just picked it up from their refrigerator. Their sushi were fresh and taste great for all three times. So, last week, I finally decided to order it, and the outcome was even better. More freshness in the sushi.

A lot of time when I have sushi, I care about the type of ginger they use. I hate those red colored ginger. It’s artificially colored, and it taste spicy. I cannot accept those. I like the white ginger only.

Anyway, let me rank the market in order from very good to bad:

  1. Kikka at Whole Foods Market (Cupertino, CA store only since I have not tried other Whole Foods’s sushi) (Grade: B+)
  2. Nijiya (Mountain View, CA store)(Grade: B)
  3. Marukai (Cupertino, CA store)(Grade: C)
  4. Mitsuwa (Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA)(Grade: C-)

If you want A grade sushi with a reasonable price, go to:

  1. Sushi On The Run, Los Gatos, CA – call them before you go, expect a long wait time since there are only 8 seats at the sushi bar, average USD$35/person

Otherwise, go to a more expensive ones:

  1. Tomi Sushi – average USD$50/person
  2. Sushi Tomi

Otherwise, go to any sushi restaurants at your choose if you have no expectations.

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