Seared Ahi seafood salad at Vino Vino in Downtown San Jose, CA

I came to Vino Vino at the San Pedro Market of Downtown San Jose, CA for lunch. Another seafood salad called the Seared Ahi. It’s like a mix of tuna sashimi with vegetables. Compare this dish with what I had at Paesano Ristorante Italiano, I like the one at Paesano more. Besides, this Seared Ahi salad cost USD$13.00, about 30% more than the one at Paesano. What I don’t like about this Seared Ahi is that the sashimi is kind of dry, and those crispy brown thing on the salad makes it dryer. Salad should not be too dry. They should have introduce a special sauce with some orange or lemon flavor for the salad to make it less dry. I give a C- grade for it.

Vino Vino Seared Ahi seafood salad

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