Hog Island Oyster Farm nearby Tomales Bay, CA

If you want fresh oysters, it would be nice to visit Tomales Bay which is about 42 miles north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The oysters there are way fresher than most restaurant, and cheaper. If you open the shell yourself, it is about $1 per piece. Otherwise, it will be $2 per piece.

Here in Hog Island Oyster Farm menu:

Restaurant Menu:

Hog Island Oyster Farm Dine-In Menu

Takeout Menu:

Hog Island Oyster Farm Takeout Menu

Two dozens oysters from the dine-in menu:

Hog Island Oyster Farm two dozens oysters

Hog Island Oyster Farm bar:

Hog Island Oyster Farm Bar

We could not finish all the oysters, so we took it home.

They are good for up to three days.

You can eat it raw up to two days:

Oyster plate at home

Or, on the third day, it’s better to cook it instead of eating it raw. I chose to deep fried them, and they still taste fresher than the restaurants:

Deep Fried Oysters at home

There are other oyster farms around that area. They should be as good as Hog Island. For example, the Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

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