Ramen at Susukino, Hokkaido, Japan

The first night in Hokkaido, we stayed at Hotel Royal Stay Sapporo which is close to a subway station (i.e. NOT JR) called Susukino.  Susukino is about 2 miles south of the Sapporo JR station.

ramen across from Hotel Royal Stay Sapporo, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

When we went out for dinner at night time, we saw a long line across the street from the hotel at a ramen restaurant. Then, we decided to line up on the second night. Well, it was like 11 PM, and we were lining up at the 20th place.

line up for ramen, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

Almost everyone there are Japanese. I believe they are not local Hokkaido Japanese since it was during a four days public Japanese holiday. Lining up outside the restaurant is never easy.  We were cold, and hungry. And, the worse part is that you are looking at people inside the restaurant eating hot and delicious ramen. After 20 minutes, we were able to sit inside and wait for another 15 minutes to be seated. Let’s check out the menu below…

ramen menu, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

Here is another menu on the table…

another ramen menu, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

Here are what we ordered:

Miso ramen, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

(this is the Miso ramen)

"salty" ramen, Sapporo (Susukino), Hokkaido

(this is the so called “salty” ramen)

Just don’t feel disappointed if you cannot have a chance to have these ramen. I can recommend a great ramen restaurant for you guys which is

Orenchi Ramen, Santa Clara, CA.

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    Nice article.I always miss my days in Japan and Japanese food.

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