K & C Food Wholesale (Kumamoto oysters, clams, sea urchin) – CASH ONLY

My neighbor recommended K & C Food Wholesale to me a few months ago. He said their oysters taste as good as those from Hog Island Oyster Company. So, I give it a try, and bought 60 Kumamoto oysters US$80, a small box of sea urchin (Uni) US$25, and 3 pounds of clams ($5/lb). Guess what, I gave 30 oysters and one pound of clams to a friend, and I finish all 30 oysters, 2 pounds of clams, and that small small box of sea urchin all by myself in 2 days. I don’t have to explain more… They are very good and fresh!!!  But, remember, they take CASH ONLY !!!!


Kumamoto Oyster from Taylor Shellfish Farm, Washington State. Comparing K & C Food Wholesale oysters with Hog Island, it is not as fresh as those from Hog Island, but its freshness is very acceptable. You save time (4-5 hours from San Jose) and gas (120 miles from San Jose) money if you buy from K & C Food Wholesale. So, I still highly recommend K & C Food Wholesale!






Chinese style pan fried clams with soy sauce and vegetables. Clams ($5/lb) here are $1 cheaper than Hog Island ($6/lb).


Small box of Sea Urchin (Uni) – $25 per small box. Very fresh and tasty. Highly recommended!




K & C Food Wholesale, Downtown San Jose, CA



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