Marukai Japanese Supermarket – Chirashi ($4), Kobe beef ($2.5), and Sapporo ($6 for 12 cans)

After work, I went to Marukai Japanese supermarket for dinner. I find out that their Chirashi bento is on sale at $4 for which the regular price is $6. So, I bought 2 Chirashi bento: one for dinner, and one for lunch on the next day. Then, I bought my usual stuff: “High Quality American Kobe Style Natural Beef” (0.165 lb at $2.47). Oh, their Sapporo beer (12 cans) is (or, was) on sale at $6. This Kobe beef is great with Pinot Noir or beer. Remember, put wasabi on the beef, and put some soy sauce on it. For every piece of Kobe beef, you get a spicy taste of wasabi with a salty taste of Kikkoman soy sauce, then, you need to sip in a huge amount of Sapporo to dilute the taste of strong wasabi and soy sauce. Yummy!

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