Starbucks coffee at 200 F degrees

I recently learned from someone that I could order Starbucks coffee, and request it to be made at 200 F degrees. Originally, this temperature is for those who order coffee to go for some other people. Since the coffee temperature is high, when it gets to the destination, it will be back to it’s normal temperature.

As for myself, I order it just to make myself special, and distinguishable from other customers. I also bring my own ceramic coffee cup. I always order “Grande Latte 200 Degrees” with that cup. After a while, all Starbucks employee recognize my mug, my face, and they know exactly what I want to order. At this cold weather, 200 F degrees make sense. However, you must now drink too fast. Drink slowly, sip slowly…. Otherwise, you will definitely get your tongue burned. CAUTION !!!! It’s HOT !!!!!!!!

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