Coupa Cafe (Downtown Palo Alto, CA) – small Latte

This morning (July 5th, 2011), I had an appointment at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Standford University for the baby seat installation and inspection. Afterwards, I visited the Coupa Cafe on 538 Ramona St., Downtown Palo Alto, CA (nearby University Ave.) for a small cup of Latte (US$3.00). As I approached the cafe, I could see 60% of the customers with their MacBook and they kept typing and typing. Most of them are well-dressed, smart causal kind. Well, I don’t care how they dress as long as there is no homeless people sitting around.

When my cup of latte is ready, they called my name, and I walked to my table. The first impression is that they created a tree like image on the latte with the foamed cream. This is so much similar to Coffee Society at Cupertino (across from De Anza College). I wonder how did they come up with the same image. Perhaps, they were all trained by the same guy, or perhaps, they all think like the same..?!! Anyway, back to the cafe itself, I could relate the taste with Peet’s Coffee which is strong, bold, bitter, intense… It’s great. I realize that sometimes I like Peet’s, and sometimes I like Starbucks. As for Starbucks’s Latte, it has more milk than coffee. I do like milk, or milky taste, so I don’t mind to have more milk than coffee.

In terms of the overall environment of the cafe, it’s comfortable, professional (full of well-dressed, well-mannered people except myself), the thing I don’t like about this place is that it does not has too many power plugs for laptop computers, I could only find a few on one side of the wall, and the free WiFi is only available from Monday to Friday. So, I can’t work there during weekends. Perhaps, the cafe is trying to encourage more customers to interact with other human beings rather than the machines!

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